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Developing a model for academic-archivist co-designed projects in business, The role of historians in public life symposium, North Carolina State University European Center, Prague.


Developing a model for academic-archivist co-designed projects in business, Business Archives Council annual conference, HSBC. With Judy Faraday, John Lewis Partnership.

Towards some principles for history in policy, University of Birmingham symposium on Teaching History and Public Policy.


Breaking boundaries, bridging gaps and building networks?  Historians ‘in the mix’ of policymaking, Breaking Boundaries: Politics, History and the wider inter-disciplinary challenge conference, University of Birmingham.

Using history in business: towards a new approach to co-production in public history with the John Lewis Partnership, Association of Business Historians/Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte joint conference, Humboldt University, Berlin.

Europe at the cross-roads: negotiating history and memory at the ‘sharp edge’ of policymaking, National Council on Public History annual conference, Baltimore.

Beyond the entitlements of (historical) expertise: complementarity and collective puzzling in complex contexts, Management and Organisation History Research Group seminar, University of York.


History, political culture and the idea of the ‘relevance gap’, Making an impact: education policy and practice conference, Liverpool.

Why public history? International Congress of the Historical Sciences, Jinan, China.  Co-chair with Prof. Arnita Jones.

Between public history and heritage: making, sharing and debating the past in a global present, Social History Society, Portsmouth.  Co-chair with Dr Jessica Moody.


German history on display: remembering and representing the German past, Kulturelles Oktoberfest, Berkhamsted.

‘Conversations on citizenship’: the Jewish press and the Christian state in the 1840s, British Association of Jewish Studies, Dublin.

History and public purpose: defining, teaching, advocating the historian’s toolbox, Basler Kolloquium zur Didaktik der Geschichte und Politik.

Capital Reflections: A Comparative Exploration of Public History in Ottawa and Washington, American Historical Association, Washington DC. Chair and commentator.


What is public history in the UK?, Institute for Historical Research Past and Future, issue 14, Autumn/Winter 2013, pp. 10-11. With Justin Champion.

Putting history and heritage to use inside and outside the university, University of Central Lancashire public history conference, Preston.

The Canadian Parliamentary Precinct as Public History: Telling the Outside Story walking tour, National Council on Public History Public History Commons.

Public History in England, National Council on Public History annual conference, Ottawa.


History and Public Policy, History UK annual conference, London.

The challenges of economic regeneration, Association of Business Schools at Liberal Democrat Party Conference.

Post-Wilson: the real work starts now, University Alliance blog.

Where is the professional development for higher education policy wonks?, Guardian HE Network.

Thinkpiece on knowledge and skills for the Wilson Review.


Wilson Review: business collaboration and placing graduates, Guardian HE Network.

How I’m taking the University of Hertfordshire to the policymakers, Guardian HE Network.

From Prussian rabbis to British professors: an unconventional look at using the past for shaping the present and future, Histfest, Lancaster.

Keeping your (strategic) head while all around you are losing theirs: university funding in an age of austerity, Association for Institutional Research annual conference, Toronto.


Tell me the story: thinking with history, policy and the Goldberg Rule, blog.

The Return of the Narrative?, blog.

Composers, interpreters and advocates: the role of policy advisors in shaping strategic messaging, National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education annual conference, Phoenix.


Power, politics and prestige: using history to understand HE policy development, Society for Research into Higher Education annual conference.

Higher education as an instrument of political change: educational means to political ends?, European Association for Institutional Research annual conference, Vilnius.  With Ross Renton.



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