_AS Butler Library1952
The A S Butler Library, Hatfield Technical College

I have designed and taught a wide range of undergraduate modules, as well as setting up a ‘virtual exchange’ with Prof Tammy Gordon’s students, first at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, and now at North Carolina State University:

First year

  • Multicultural Britain
  • History, Heritage and Society
  • Introduction to History
  • Introduction to Public History

Second Year

  • History and Heritage in Practice
  • Community History Project (student teams working for an external client)

Third Year

  • Unquiet Pasts: Controversies of Twentieth-Century Britain
  • Public History in International Perspective
  • Thinking with History
  • The Third Reich
  • Hitler’s War
  • Work placement

I supervise a wide range of dissertation topics at BA and MA level, as well as PhD students, in modern British history, public history and politics.

At Hertfordshire, I developed a new, interdisciplinary research programme, the Professional Doctorate in Heritage (DHeritage), delivered by blended learning.

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