What should a public historian do with 3 hours in Paris?

A quick Google search will yield plenty of advice for travellers on a tight timescale (for example the Independent’s ’48 hours’ series).  You can be guided through the unmissable sights as well as pointed to some gems off the tourist trail.

Public historians are probably more likely than most to seek to make use of little parcels of time in a new place as busman’s holidays.  So with 3 hours in Paris in August, I’m hoping that the wonder of the web will allow me to gather the ideas of fellow travellers, public historians or otherwise.

So what are the unmissable stops and the hidden gems for public history in Paris?  Which places or experiences capture something important or striking about the way history is put to use, presented, represented or explored, in French public life?  Which offer a counterpoint to our understandings of public history/history in public in the UK or US?

Please do leave your comments here and I’ll use the blog to discuss my planning as well as to report back. Someone may already have got there, but, if not, would there be a market for an online space for public historians (broadly and inclusively defined) to share their tips for “trade tourism”?