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My name is Alix Green and I’m Lecturer in Public History and Policy at the University of Hertfordshire.  This blog is a way of bringing together the different aspects of my work and exploring the interfaces and intersections between history, policy, education and public life (and many others besides).

My research is in two main areas.  The first is in public history broadly understood, in particular questions of definition, identity and comparison. My previous role in higher education policy led to an interest in the role of history as expertise (thinking historically as opposed to offering knowledge of the past) in politics and policymaking.  I’m currently developing project on the public history of parliamentary buildings, which are symbols of the state but also settings for political process and sites for tourism of various kinds.

The other main strand of my work is on European Jewish citizenship and identity.  My Master’s research was on the influence of Romanticism on religious reform and Jewish claims to citizenship in 1840s Prussia.  I’m now looking at ‘conversations on citizenship’ in the Jewish press in Britain and Germany in the nineteenth century.  I’m also developing an interest in Jewish museums and the presentation of the Jewish past to different audiences.

You can contact me here:

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